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Incisional Hernia

An incisional hernia occurs when a weakness develops in the layers of the abdominal wall due to a prior surgical procedure. After abdominal surgery, a hernia can develop for several reasons. Sometimes the abdominal wall tissues become weakened and can separate causing a hernia to form. Other times, sutures used to close the layers of the abdominal wall can break allowing the abdominal wall tissues to separate and form a hernia. Although incisional hernias are most likely to occur in overweight patients, they can occur in anyone who has had previous abdominal surgery. Most times, incisional hernias create a noticeable deformity in the abdominal wall, however, they do not pose a risk to a person’s health. In a small percentage of patients incisional hernias can cause pain or become incarcerated. In these instances, the hernia should be evaluated by an experienced hernia repair surgeon.


Incisional hernia repair is a surgical procedure performed to correct an incisional hernia. Techniques used to repair an incisional hernia have changed dramatically over the past ten years. Advances in the development of biologic and synthetic materials have changed the way incisional hernia surgery is approached. Incisional hernias can range from simple to complex. Depending upon the complexity of the hernia, the surgical approach is tailored to each patient individually. An experienced, Board certified surgeon specializing in hernia repair is essential in determining the best surgical procedure for each patient. At the Winter Park Hernia Center, the exact approach is tailored to each and every patient, taking into consideration the type of hernia, past medical and surgical history, body habitus, and patient’s physical limitations.