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Rectus Diastasis

Rectus Diastases is a condition which is commonly mistaken for a hernia. It can occur in children but is most commonly seen in adults. Men are affected more than women and are usually referred to a surgeon for evaluation.

Rectus Diastases is a condition whereby the muscles of the abdominal wall separate in the midline resulting in a bulge. Bulging is most commonly seen when patients sit up from lying down. It is typically not seen when patients are lying flat or when they’re standing up.


Rectus Diastases is usually not a surgical problem. It is not a hernia and it is not subject to surgical repair. Despite the cosmetic deformity, it is not a dangerous condition. Most patients simply have to live with this condition.

As with any type of abdominal wall defect, evaluation by a Board certified surgeon is recommended. At the Winter Park Hernia Center, the exact approach is tailored to each and every patient, taking into consideration the type of hernia, past medical and surgical history, body habitus, and patient’s physical limitations.